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ITEM:  CA-451
Cable VGA 15hdb Male To Video RCA & S-Video Plug
Connect Your Pc Video Card (With TV-Out Capability) To A TV And Watch Videos/ Live TV/ Movies From Your Pc On Your TV Set.

Your Computer Video Card Must Be Able To Support S-Video Or RCA Composite Out Through Its VGA Port. This Is Known As A TV Out Function.
Check Your Video Card Manual Or Manufacturer To Make Sure That Your VGA Card Has TV-Out Function Capability.
This Adapter Will Absolutely Not Convert An S-Video Or RCA Composite Video Signal To VGA.
You Can Not Use It To Watch A Consumer Electronics Device Such As A DVD Player Or VCR On A VGA Computer Monitor.
It Is Not Compatible With Notebooks Or Any Current Graphic Chipset That Are Designed To Work Together.

Cable Adaptador De VGA Db15hd A S-Video Y RCA

Solamente Funciona Cuando La Tarjeta De Video De Su Computador Tiene Función De Salida De S-Video Y/O Rca (Composite) A Través Del Puerto Vga.
Chequear El Manual De La Tarjeta De Video Para Asegurarse Que Tenga La Función De Tv-Out.
No Convierte De S-Video Y/O Rca (Composite) A Vga.
No Funciona Para Mirar Equipos Electrónicos Como Dvd, VCRS En Un Monitor De PC.
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