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 AC Power Socket  Buzzer  Capacitor  Circuit Breaker  Connector
 Crystal  Fan  Fuse & Holder  IC Socket  Insulator
 Knob  Lamp & Indicator  Potentionmeter  Relay  Resistor
 Switch  Terminal  Transformer
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Item N°: 0.01/630P
Polyester Capacitor 0.01UF 630V

Item N°: 3/250BAC
Box Type Metal Polyester Capacitor, 3UF 250 VAC

Item N°: 8/250BAC
Box Type Metal Polyester Capacitor, 8UF 250VAC

Item N°: AI-220
Mica Insulator 7X18MM TO-220 (2SD313)

Item N°: BO-376
Led Pilot Lamp 12V 12 Blue Led

Item N°: BR-901
9V Battery Clip "I" Type

Item N°: BR-902
9v Battery Clip "T" Type

Item N°: BS-108
IC Socket-8 Pins-Dip Type-Pitch:2.54MM

Item N°: CA-3612
20CM Power Cable 20AWG Male to Female

Item N°: CA-3612M
20CM Power Cable 20AWG Male only

Item N°: CB-20A
Circuit Breaker-20A 250VAC

Item N°: CC-704
USB Female PCB Mount Type

Item N°: CR-10M

Item N°: CV-106
AC-Outlet Adaptor-Europe To USA

Item N°: FC-107
Photo Resistor 7MM-200-50K OHM

Item N°: FUA-0.25A
Regular Glass Tube Fuse (AGC)-0.25A

Item N°: HS-3624
Buzzer Piezo Electric 30mm DC3V-24V With Continue Sound

Item N°: JA-722
Jack 2.5MM ST. SMD Type

Item N°: JA-723
Jack 3.5MM SMD Type For MP3 MP4

Item N°: JQX38F3Z-110
Power Relay 3PDT 40A 11Pins-Coil 110VAC

Item N°: LM317LZ

Item N°: PE-100
Knob For Amplifier-Black Color

Item N°: PTC-XXXP3
F16MM Potentiometer Single Unit W/Bracket-3 Pins

Item N°: SW-100
Sub-Mini Rocker Switch, 2 Pins, On-Off 3A, Black Cap

Item N°: SW-105
Mini Rocker Switch 3 Pins Spdt On-Off-On 6a/125v

Item N°: SW-522BL
Push Button Game Switch, 2a Normal Open, Blue

Item N°: SW-523BL
Large Push Button Game Switch, Blue

Item N°: SW-736BK
Round Push Button Switch, Push On, Black

Item N°: TE-104
3 Outlet Ac Plug-Panel Mount

Item N°: TR-406
Line Transformer 70V-110V TO 4-8-16 OHM, 6W
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