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Item N°: AMIR128
Audio Magnetic Head-Stereo-220 Ohm

Item N°: AMIR888
Audio Magnetic Head-Mono-400OHM

Item N°: CA-564-6
6ft HPN 2x18 AWG With 2 Power Cord For Deep Fryer, Coffee Maker

Item N°: CC-706
USB Type B Female, PCB Mount Type

Item N°: CR-480
Ceramic Resonator480KHZ,Filter

Item N°: CR-500
Ceramic Resonator 500KHZ-FILTER

Item N°: JA-722
Jack 2.5MM ST. SMD Type

Item N°: NTE303
Thermal Compound-1 Gram Tube NTE303

Item N°: PRM-2
Mini Pinch Roller-1.5X9.5X6,W/Shift

Item N°: PRM-4
Mini Pinch Roller-1.5X14.5X2+5,Black

Item N°: PRM-4W
Mini Pinch Roller-1.5X14.5X2+5-White

Item N°: PRM-8
Mini Pinch Roller-2X13X6.5MM

Item N°: PRM-8G
Mini Pinch Roller-2X13X7MM

Item N°: TP-152
Thermal Cut-Off Fuse-152 Degree C

Item N°: TP-184
Thermal Cut-Off Fuse-184 Degree C

Item N°: TP-229
Thermal Cut-Off Fuse-229 Degree C

Item N°: TP-240
Thermal Cut-Off Fuse-240 Degree C

Item N°: TP-252
Thermal Cut-Off Fuse-252 Degree C

Item N°: TP-5240
Thermal Cut-Off Fuse 240ºC 15A

Item N°: TP-5252
Thermal Cut-Off Fuse252ºC 15A

Item N°: TV-902
TV Isolator With 43cm Cable
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