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Item N°: AD-351
Metal 3 Pins XLR Coupler-Male To Male

Item N°: AD-353
Metal 3 Pins XLR Coupler-Female To Female

Item N°: AD-3561
Pro-Adapter Cannon Plug To 1/4

Item N°: AD-361
Metal TRS 1/4" Stereo Jack To Jack With Locking System

Item N°: AD-3651
Pro-Adapter Cannon Plug To 1/4" Mono Plug

Item N°: AD-3851
Pro-Adaptor Cannon Plug To RCA Jack

Item N°: AD-3852
Pro-Adaptor Cannon Jack To RCA Jack

Item N°: AD-3853
Pro-Adaptor Cannon Plug To RCA Plug

Item N°: AD-3854
Pro-Adaptor Cannon Jack To RCA Jack

Item N°: ASM-21B
BT-USB-SD-FM Player Module Kit with Remote Control

Item N°: ASM-31B
BT-USB-SD-FM Player Module with Remote Control

Item N°: JA-150
XLR Connector Female-Audio Professional

Item N°: JA-1511
Microphone Connector-Cannon-3 Pins,Female

Item N°: JA-152BK
Microphone Connector,Cannon-3 Pins-Female, Black

Item N°: JA-152BL
Microphone Connector-Cannon-3 Pins-Female, Blue

Item N°: JA-152GN
Connector-Cannon-3 Pins-Female, Green

Item N°: JA-152OR
Connector-Cannon-3 Pins-Female, Orange

Item N°: JA-152RD
Connector-Cannon-3 Pins-Female, Red

Item N°: JA-152YE
Connector-Cannon-3 Pins-Female, Yellow

Item N°: JA-156BK
XLR Connector Female Audio Professional-Black

Item N°: JA-156BL
XLR Connector Female Audio Professional-Blue

Item N°: JA-156GN
XLR Connector Female Audio Professional-Green

Item N°: JA-156RD
XLR Female Audio Professional-Red

Item N°: JA-256D
Heavy Jack Speakon 4 Pole, Round Base

Item N°: PL-150
3pins XLR Connector Male-Audio Professional

Item N°: PL-1511
Microphone Connector-Cannon-3 Pins,Male

Item N°: PL-152BK
Microphone Connctor-Cannon-3 Pins-Male-B

Item N°: PL-152BL
Microphone Connector-Cannon-3 Pins-Male-Blue

Item N°: PL-152OR
Mic Connector-Cannon-3 Pins-Male Orange

Item N°: PL-152RD
Mic Connector-Canoon -3 Pins ,Male -Red
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