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Item N°: PA-301
Heat Sink Silicone Compound, 1 Gram Bag

Item N°: TS-036L
Soldering Iron With Led, Ceramic Heater, 30w Ac120v

Item N°: TS-045L
Soldering Iron With Light, Ceramic Heater 40W AC120

Item N°: TS-047
Profesional Dual Color Soldering Iron, 40W AC120V

Item N°: TS-217E
60W Dual Core Temperature Control Soldering Station

Item N°: TS-462
Solder 60/40 0.6mm Diameter 1/2lb (220grs)

Item N°: TS-481
Solder 60/40,0.8mm Diameter-100 Grms

Item N°: TS-482
Solder 60/40,0.8mm Diameter-1/2lb (220grs)

Item N°: TS-484
Solder-60/40 ,0.8mm Diameter-1 Lb (450 Grs)

Item N°: TS-500
Solder 60 Tin 40 Lead 1mm Dia. 100g Spool

Item N°: TS-501
Solder Tube Dispenser 60/40-1mm Diameter

Item N°: TS-502
Solder 60tin 40lead 1mm Diameter-1lb/Spool

Item N°: TS-503
Desoldering Wick-Solder Remover

Item N°: TS-504
Solder-60/40 ,1mm Diameter-1/2 Lb

Item N°: TS-505
Solder 60/40-1mm Diameter-2.5 Kgs

Item N°: TS-554
Solder, 60/40 ,1.5mm Diameter, 1 Lb (455 Grs)
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