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Item N°: SW-100
Sub-Mini Rocker Switch, 2 Pins, On-Off 3A, Black Cap

Item N°: SW-102
Mini Rocker Switch-2 Pin-Spst-On-Off 6a, 125ac

Item N°: SW-103
Mini Rocker Switch, 3 Pin, Spdt, On-On 6a/125v

Item N°: SW-107
Mini Rocker Switch 3 Pins Spst On-Off, 120v Lamp

Item N°: SW-122
Illuminated Rocker Switch, 3 Pin, Spst, On-Off 20a/125v 120v Lamp

Item N°: SW-133AM
Rocker Switch Round-SPST,120v Lamp-Amber

Item N°: SW-133GN
Rocker Switch Round-SPST,120v Lamp-Green

Item N°: SW-133RD
Rocker Switch Round-SPST,120v Lamp-Red

Item N°: SW-135AM
Rocker Switch W/12v Lamp-3 Pins-Amber Cap

Item N°: SW-135GN
Rocker Switch W/12v Lamp-3 Pins, Green Cap

Item N°: SW-135RD
Rocker Switch W/12v Lamp,3 Pins Red Cap

Item N°: SW-158
Car Lamp Switch,Illuminated 4pin,Dpst,On-Off,Dc12v

Item N°: SW-162
Rocker Switch-3pin-SPST-ON-OFF 20A/125V 120V LAMP

Item N°: SW-165
Rocker Switch-3 Pin-Spst-On-Off 20a/125v 12v Lamp

Item N°: SW-500BL
Push Button Game Switch-Blue

Item N°: SW-500GN
Push Button Game Switch-Green

Item N°: SW-500RD
Push Button Game Switch-Red

Item N°: SW-500YE
Push Button Game Switch-Yellow

Item N°: SW-501
Micro Switch-3 Pins-SPDT

Item N°: SW-502
Level Micro Switch-3 Pins-Spdt 10a/125v Ac

Item N°: SW-503
Micro Switch With Roller Level

Item N°: SW-504
Micro Switch-W/ Level3P-10A/125V AC

Item N°: SW-506
Micro Switch-3 Pins-SPDT-16A/125V AC

Item N°: SW-507
Micro SW.W/38MM Level Plate-3 PINS-16A/125VAC

Item N°: SW-5075
Micro SW.W/50MM Level Plate-3 PINS-16A/125VAC

Item N°: SW-508
Micro Switch-W/Roller,3 Pins SPDT-16A/125VAC

Item N°: SW-634RD
Mini Push Bottom Switch, On-Off , Red Cap, fit 10mm Hole

Item N°: SW-634WH
Mini Push Bottom Switch, On-Off , White Cap, fit 10mm Hole

Item N°: SW-761
Tact Switch-6X6X4.3MM-4 Pins

Item N°: SW-762
Tact Switch-6X6X5.1MM-4 Pins
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