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Item N°: BTA-004X10
6P4C RJ11 Modular Crimp Plug10 PCS Bag

Item N°: BTA-008X4
8P4C RJ45 Modular Crimp Plug4 PCS Bag

Item N°: BTA-124
Duplex Adaptor, 2 Jack To 1 Plug, 6P4C Bag

Item N°: BTA-134
6P6C Triplex Adapter, 3 Jacks To 1 Plug Bag

Item N°: BTA-148C
Data Inline Coupler, Jack To Jack, 8P8C Bag

Item N°: BTA-204
4C Surface Mount Jack, Ivory, 6P4C

Item N°: BTA-204D
4C Surface Mount Jack, Ivory6P4C

Item N°: BTA-234F
Wall Plate With Modular Jack 6p4c & F-81 Jack

Item N°: DT-1704IV
RJ-45 Keystone Jack A/B, Cat.5E Ivory

Item N°: TA-002
4P4C Modular Handset Plug

Item N°: TA-004
6P4C RJ11 Modular Crimp Plug

Item N°: TA-006
6P6C RJ12 Modular Crimp Plug

Item N°: TA-008
8P8C RJ45 Modular Crimp Plug

Item N°: TA-008T5E
CAT.5e RJ45 8P8C Modular Plug

Item N°: TA-084
P.C.B. Mount Modular Jack 6P4C

Item N°: TA-094
P.C.B. Mount Dual Modular Jack6P4C

Item N°: TA-102
4P4C Modular Jack With Cable

Item N°: TA-104
6P4C Modular Jack With Cable

Item N°: TA-124
Duplex Adaptor-2 Jack To 1 Plug-6P4C

Item N°: TA-128
Duplex Adaptor-2 Jacks To 1 Plug-8P8C

Item N°: TA-134
6P6C Triplex Adapter-3 Jacks To 1 Plug

Item N°: TA-144
Inline Coupler-Jack To Jack-6P4C

Item N°: TA-148C
Data Inline Coupler-Jack To Jack-8P8C

Item N°: TA-204
4C Surface Mount Jack-Ivory-6P4C

Item N°: TA-204D
4C Surface Mount Dual Jack-Ivory-6P4C

Item N°: TA-208
4C Surface Mount Jack-Ivory-8P8C

Item N°: TA-214
4C Flush Mount Wall Plate-1 JACK-8P4C

Item N°: TA-224
4C Flush Mount Wall Plate-2 Jacks,6P4C

Item N°: TA-234F
Wall Plate With Modular Jack 6p4c & F-81 Jack
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