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Fuse & Holder

Item N°: FH-010
ATC Fuse Holder With Cover-10 Gauge

Item N°: FH-012
ATC Fuse Holder With Cover-12 Gauge

Item N°: FH-014
ATC Fuse Holder With Cover-14 Gauge

Item N°: FH-016
ATC Fuse Holder With Cover-16 Gauge

Item N°: FH-101
Panel Mount Fuse Holder-American Type

Item N°: FH-102
Panel Mount Fuse Holder European Type

Item N°: FH-110
In-Line Fuse Holder,10 Gauge For Agc-Fua

Item N°: FH-112
In-Line Fuse Holder-12 Gauge For AGC-FUA

Item N°: FH-114
In-Line Fuse Holder-14 Gauge For AGC-FUA

Item N°: FH-210
In-Line Fuse Holder For AGU Fuse-10 Gauge

Item N°: FH-212
In-Line Fuse Holder For AGU Fuse-12 Gauge

Item N°: FH-214
In-Line Fuse Holder For AGU Fuse-14 Gauge

Item N°: FUA
AGC Glass Tube Fuse, 6mm X 30mm

Item N°: FUC-XXA
Attached Blade Type Fuse (ATC)

Item N°: FUE
GMA Glass Tube Fuse 5mmX20mmL

Item N°: FUH-301
FUL Type Gold Fuse Holder For 2-4 AWG Cable

Item N°: FUI-XXA
Mini Blade Type Auto Fuse

Item N°: FUL-250AX2
Blade Type ANL Large Fuse Gold 250 A 2 Pcs Blister

Item N°: FUX-XXA
Maxi-Big Blade Automotive Fuse

Item N°: GU-100X5
Gold AGU Fuse-100 Amps-5 PCS Pack

Item N°: GU-10X5
Gold AGU Fuse-10 Amps-5 PCS Pack

Item N°: GU-20X5
Glass Tube Fuse 20AMP -Gold 5pcs Pack

Item N°: GU-30X5
Gold AGU Fuse-30 Amps 5PCS Pack

Item N°: GU-40X5
Gold AGU Fuse-40 Amps 5pcs Pack

Item N°: GU-50X5
Gold AGU Fuse-50 AMPS 5PCS Pack

Item N°: GU-60X5
Gold AGU Fuse-60 AMPS 5PCS Pack

Item N°: GU-70X5
Gold AGU Fuse 70A 5PCS Pack

Item N°: GU-80X5
Gold AGU Fuse 80A 5PCS Pack

Item N°: GU-90X5
Gold AGU Fuse 90A 5PCS Pack

Item N°: GU-XXx5
Glass Tube Fuse (AGU)-Gold 5pcs Pack
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