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 Alligator-Banana  Buzzer  Circuit Work  Connector  IC Socket

Item N°: AL-102
Alligator Clip, Medium With Screw

Item N°: AL-102RD
Alligator Clip-Medium Red

Item N°: AL-103BK
Alligator Clip With Vinyl Boot-Small-Black

Item N°: AL-103RD
Alligator Clip With Vinyl Boot-Small-Red

Item N°: AL-104BK
Alligator Clip With Vinyl Boot-Medium, Black

Item N°: AL-104RD
Alligator Clip With Vinyl Boot-Medium, Red

Item N°: AL-105RD
Alligator Clip With Vinyl Boot-Large-Red

Item N°: AL-108
Alligator Clip-5 Pairs With Cable-Medium

Item N°: AL-109
Alligator Clip-10 Pairs With Cable-Small

Item N°: AL-110BK
Battery Clip-10A-Black Color

Item N°: AL-110RD
Battery Clip-10A- Red Color

Item N°: AL-111BK
Car Battery Clip-10A-Black Color

Item N°: AL-111RD
Car Battery Clip-10A-Red Color

Item N°: AL-131BK
Car Battery Clip-30A-Black Color

Item N°: AL-131RD
Car Battery Clip-30A-Red Color

Item N°: AL-151BK
Car Battery Clip-50A-Black Color

Item N°: AL-151RD
Car Battery Clip-50A-Red Color
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