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Power & Adaptor
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Item N°: AD-1006URD
Mini USB Power Adaptor DC5V 1000MA For Iphone Samsung HTC, Red Color

Item N°: AD-1021L
2.1A USB High Power Charger, DC5V 10W For iPAD Tab

Item N°: AD-1201
Switching Power Adaptor-1200Ma

Item N°: AD-1201U
1200mA Universal DC Adapter with USB Power Output

Item N°: AD-1202U
Universal AC-DC Adaptor 1200mA With 8 Output Voltage 3-15V & Micro-USB

Item N°: AD-1223
DC12V 2000MA Switching Adaptor, Ac100-240v Input

Item N°: AD-1233
DC12V 3000MA Switching Adaptor, Ac100-240v Input

Item N°: AD-1250
DC12V Cigarette Lighter Wall Adaptor Ac100-240v

Item N°: AD-1500U
Switching Adaptor 1500ma 8 Voltage, 6+USB Connect

Item N°: AD-1801
1800MA Universal Intelligent Ac/Dc Adaptor

Item N°: AD-1801U
1800MA Universal Adaptor With USB Connector

Item N°: AD-2240
2 USB Home Chager 2.1A+1A, Charge Tablet and Cellphone Simultaneous

Item N°: AD-2501
Intellegent Adaptor 2500ma For Digital Camera

Item N°: AD-2515
Adaptor 2500mA 15-12-9-9.6-6-4.5v For Portable DVD Player

Item N°: AD-424
4 Port USB Charger 2A+3X1A DC5V 15W

Item N°: AD-511
DC5V 1A Switching Adaptor, Plug 3.4x1.3mm

Item N°: AD-512
DC5V Switching Adaptor 1200ma With 6 Plugs

Item N°: AD-512C
Mini USB Switching Adaptor DC5V 1200MA

Item N°: AD-512D
Micro USB Adaptor DC5V 1200MA For Android Cell

Item N°: AD-512E
Micro USB Adaptor DC5V 1200MA For Android Cellphone

Item N°: AD-513
DC5V 1A Switching Adaptor, Plug 5.5x2.5mm

Item N°: AD-521
DC5V 2A Switching Adaptor, Plug 3.4x1.3mm

Item N°: AD-5250
DC5V 2.5A AC-DC Adaptor 0.7X2.5MM Plug For Tablet

Item N°: AD-5251
Tablet AC-DC Adaptor, DC 5V 2.5A, 1.3X3.4MM DC Plug

Item N°: AD-5253
AC-DC Adaptor, DC 5V 2.5A, 2.5X5.5MM DC Plug

Item N°: AD-600U
USB Power Adaptor-DC 5v 600ma For Ipod MP3

Item N°: AD-625
6 Port USB Charger DC5V 15W, for iPad, iPhone5-6, Samsung Tablet and Phone

Item N°: AD-810A
Car Adaptor 1000ma 8 Voltage, 6 Connector

Item N°: AD-811WH
Mini USB Car Charger 1A, White

Item N°: AD-813BK
Dual USB Car Charger 2.1A + 1A, Charge Pad & Cell Simultaneous
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