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 Antenna  Connector  FFC Cable  Flyback  Laser Pick Up
 Microwave  Motor  Remote Control  Switch  Tunner
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Item N°: 105-210A
TV Remote Control For Gold Star

Item N°: 113-082A
TV Tuner

Item N°: 1AV4F1BAM0160
TV Tuner

Item N°: 8/250BAC
Box Type Metal Polyester Capacitor, 8UF 250VAC

Item N°: AN-FM
2M Antenna Cable for FM Radio

Item N°: ANT-AM
Plastic Antenna set for AM Radio

Item N°: CA-564-6
6ft HPN 2x18 AWG With 2 Power Cord For Deep Fryer, Coffee Maker

Item N°: CC-701
USB Female

Item N°: CC-761
Mini-USB 5pin Female SMD Mount Type

Item N°: CD-003
CD Cover Locker 21MM X 18MM

Item N°: CR-3.64M
Ceramic Resonator 3.64m For Remote Control

Item N°: CR-455
Ceramic Resonator 455KHZ

Item N°: DB0-24150
FFC Cable 0.75MM X 24 Pins X 155MM Long

Item N°: DB1-16071
FFC Cable-Thin 1MMX16PINX71MM Long

Item N°: DB1-537-645
FFC Cable 26PIN 23CM Length For Sony

Item N°: DPM001TI
IC Module Daewood Original

Item N°: DPM001TIA
IC Module Daewood

Item N°: JA-722
Jack 2.5MM ST. SMD Type

Item N°: LT-300V
LED Strip - LED Backlight Tester, 40MA 300V

Item N°: MO-330P
Mini Motor for DVD DC 3V with Plate

Item N°: OMIH-112L
Relay DC12V Coil, 10 Amp contact SPDT 5 Pins

Item N°: RM-Y172
TV Remote Control For Sony

Item N°: SCR
Thyristors, Several Model

Item N°: SI-020
Silicon Thermal Compound-20 Gram Tube

Item N°: SW-122WH
White Rocker Switch 3 pins SPST 15A125VAC with Neon Lamp

Item N°: SW-840
Mini Switch

Item N°: SW-91200
THermal Switch 200 ºC 15A 250VAC-Normal Close

Item N°: TECC1070PK22A
TV Tuner

Item N°: TECC1880PA08C
TV Tuner

Item N°: TP-5240
Thermal Cut-Off Fuse 240ºC 15A
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