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Air Conditioner Protector AC 220V 15Amp, 2HP



Item N°: MP-508UB
9" Megaphone with USB-SD-Siren Recheable Battery, 30W Power , 1000ft Range

Item N°: HT-5085A
Compact Snap-N Compress Coaxial Connector Crimping Tool

Item N°: SPD-998
Compresion Driver, 2" Coil, 40Oz Magnet, 800W Max.

Item N°: CC-8841
1X4 HDMI Amplifiered Splitter, 1 DVD to 4 HDTV, 3D 1080P

Item N°: CA-7386RD
1 Amp. Moving LED Cable for Charge Sync. iPhone 5-6-6Plus, iPad Air, Red Color

Item N°: TP-5D30V
Digital LED VoltMeter DC2.5-30V, 2 Wire Measure & Power, 3x5cm Panel

Item N°: TWM-352
UHF Wireless 2 Microphone System with 100 Channel Auto pairing Function

Item N°: KS-9899U
Mixing Amplifier, 6 Microphone with Echo, 3 Line+USB-SD-FM Input, EQ Bar, VU meter

Item N°: LM-5630-E3
5630X3 LED Module Light, Water Proof, White color, DC12V Input

Item N°: CA-7011
Crystal Micro USB Charge Sync. Cable, 4 Color

Item N°: CC-8821
HDMI 2 Ways Active Splitter, 3D 1080P

Item N°: WB-101X2
Mini Protoboard 170 Point, Assorted Color

Item N°: MK-30001
Fine Point Permanent Marker for Circuit Work, Sharpie 30001

Item N°: WB-CBL65
Protoboard 65 Jumper cable kit

Item N°: HT-1700
1800W Heat Gun with Temperature and Speed Control

Item N°: AK-450U
Home Theater Amplifier with USB-SD-FM Player, EQ Echo DC12V AC120V Dual

Item N°: ALS-101A
Smoke and Fire Detector Alarm, DC9V, AC120V Dual Input

Item N°: LLP-R12W
Round LED Panel Ceiling Light, 12W 18mm, 7K White, AC85-265V Input

Item N°: CA-1312GN
3.5MM ST Plug To Plug 3ft Audio Link Cable, Green

Item N°: HPE-31WH
HandFree Earbud for iPhone-Samsung-HTC, White Color

Item N°: CA-7815
1 AMP 2 in 1 Charge Sychronize Cable , for Apple i5 i6 & Android Phone

Item N°: CA-1333
1x2 Handsfree Earbud Splitter Cable, 3.5mm Trio-Plug to 2 Trio Jack, White

Item N°: TS-226E
700W 400ÂșC Hot Air SMD Desoldering Station

Item N°: TO-201
5" Cutting Stripping Tool (PM-112, HT-1091)
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